Brancusi on Abstraction and Essence

Constantin Brancusi studio

Constantin Brancusi studio

"They are imbeciles who call my work abstract.
That which they call abstract is the most realistic,
because what is real is not the exterior but the idea,
the essence of things."
Constantin Brancusi

I spotted a similar quotation from Jerzy Kosinksi on artist Carin Gerard’s Instagram account, @carin_gerard_art: “The principle of true art is not to portray but to evoke.”

So wonderful finding quotations like this that are in alignment with my own approach! Another reason I enjoy Instagram. This is so very Asian in approach—-the essence, the feeling of something, its energy—- not a photographic depiction of its exterior appearance.

Sherri Silverman

Ideas about Plants and Art: Azuma Makoto and the Japanese Approach

Still image from one of Azuma Makoto’s spectacular flower videos.

Still image from one of Azuma Makoto’s spectacular flower videos.

"Japanese people believe gods exist everywhere in nature, so we approach it with awe and reverence."

"When I confront plants, instead of looking at their color and form, I try to listen." 

Azuma Makoto in Architectural Digest


I love finding verification of my attraction to Asian ways of perceiving and creating in quotations like this one from the amazing flower artist Azuma Makoto! Such beautiful expressions. Art as essence and honoring. The divine is everywhere.
Sherri Silverman

 Image from @azumamakoto Instagram. Quotations found in an article. See also