the effect of making good art! inspiration from paul klee

"Someone who lived beneath him used sometimes to hear a strange, phantomatic pit-apat from Klee’s studio above. Meeting Klee in the corridor, he asked if he had noticed it. 'So you heard it?”' said Klee. 'I’m terribly sorry. I was painting away, and it was going very well, suddenly I couldn’t help dancing.'” Paul Klee (quoted by John Russell)

creativity is joyous: inspiration from alice walker

"It’s really ecstatic. I just feel such joy that I feel transparent; and if there is a time when it’s a struggle, I have learned by now that you just stop and do something else, and if it never comes back, whatever the thought was, let it go...something else will come. It seems to me that creativity, creation itself, is joyous, and if it’s not really, you’re up the wrong creek."

Alice Walker