Art Is the Salve for Horror

Art is the salve for horror. Art is the antithesis of war. Creativity is birth, it is hope, it is confidence in the future  - the future we want in our lives, our familes and the seventh generations to come. Creativity comes in all forms, not just paint, or clay, or film. There are probably millions of ways that humans create – sometimes in the most unimaginable circumstances as refugees or in the luxury of state of the art studios. Creativity does not require majority age or prime of life – the youngest humans create, and the oldest.”

Elizabeth Sackler

I first met Elizabeth at a seminar when we were doctoral students in the last 1990s at the Union Institute & University. This quotation is from a speech she gave in Santa Fe in 2015. I remembered the opening lines which are so relevant today and asked her for the full quotation.