Sherri Silverman

rising 1 in the pink sherri silvermanSherri Silverman’s abstract art and imaginary landscapes are illuminated with rich color and evocative archetypal symbolism. 

Sherri was Artist in Residence at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in 2001. Her artwork is included in the book 100 Artists of the Southwest, the New Mexico Capital Art Collection, private and corporate collections, and has been in three museum group shows.

Her paintings have been described as communicating raw sensitivity, playfulness, and delicacy. Abstract and expressive imagery emerges from texture and archetype, as chemistry of consciousness depicts subtle levels of creation. These vibrant works by an artist with a doctorate speak to the heart and subconscious, bypassing the intellect, often with joy, expansive energy, and whimsy.

“Art is a doorway, the freshness of the fountain within. Subtle levels of the mechanics of creation and various forms of symbolism spontaneously dance across these pieces of paper. My art is an exploration of inner images and the images I see in the world around me in nature, books, and art.”  Sherri Silverman